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"Hello! My name is Randy Mauldin. As a Service Disabled Veteran with 20 years of active duty service in the United States Marine Corps, I know how to train people to accomplish the mission.

Our programs not only give you actionable skills, but also prepare you for professional certification  that leads to better opportunities."

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You can count on three things:

Career Coaching

Group coaching calls to answer any questions you may have and one-on-one coaching when you need specific questions. Your exclusive access gives you the best experience possible when transforming your career.

Successful Programs

Since 2010, we’ve helped people, just like you, pass the Certified Professional in Supply Management Certification Exams with our training courses focused on the most critical concepts in supply management.

Online Portal

Access the best training developed from latest material from the Institute for Supply Management with comprehensive presentations about essential skills you need to be a successful supply chain management professional


Made It Fun!

""The CPSM Virtual Boot Camp gives me the strong foundation of what I need to do in preparation for the exams; in addition, I now have more knowledge that I can apply to my current job position.  Dr Randall Mauldin is very knowledgeable as well as helpful and he made it fun! "

- Andi W.


More Confident

"I highly recommend Randy Mauldin’s CPSM Boot Camp. I know without a doubt that I will be prepared to take and pass this test when the time comes. Randy is very knowledgeable not only about the content that we need to learn, but more importantly, the strategy behind how to pass the test. Randy kept a great pace and engagement with the class I could not believe how quickly it went by. I feel much more confident in my ability after taking this Boot Camp and would really recommend it to anyone who is serious about getting their CPSM certification." 

- Malia F.


Very Informative

"I highly recommend Supply Leaders Academy CPSM Bootcamp program. Dr. Randall Mauldin explained and articulated his teachings to fit the group's atmosphere very well; very informative and knowledgeable of the procurement world. Randy also shared valuable exam tips that aid the anxiety of ISM's intimidating exams. The material in the program is useful and it advocates principle points that correlate with ISM's materials. The online courses offered through the Supply Leaders Acadamy website are intuitive to understanding and evaluating the ISM's CPSM Learning System with minimum confusion. Overall, a great investment for professional development."

- Ezequiel G.



Best Hands-On Training

"This has been the best hands-on class pertaining to preparing for a certification or bootcamp that I have ever partaken. We were well prepared, well informed, and well equipped, before even setting a foot in the classroom...Overall the CPSM Certification Boot Camp was excellent. I would definitely recommend this course to others"

- Brett


Increased My Salary

"The CPSM Certification has helped me achieve a professional designation that has not only increase my professional credibility, but also increased my salary and assured my position at the company. Additionally, my company has achieved significant cost savings as a result of my implementing the concepts learned in the CPSM Certification training. I highly recommend that all supply chain professionals seek out certification to highlight their professionalism in this growing career field."

- Jerry


Well Structured Course

"I highly recommend Dr. Mauldin's Supply Leaders Academy online and the boot camp. I am a Procurement professional and was looking for a well-structured course to help me in passing the exams for the CPSM certification, that's when I saw good reviews on it and decided to acquire the academy and go to a boot camp.

After about 30 days of going through the online academy and studying the books from ISM, I went to the boot camp in Atlanta, where I was able to connect a lot of dots and to focus on the most relevant topics for the exams. Then after camp, I scheduled my exams for the following week, and I passed the 3 with better results than the ones I was expecting.

You can totally pass the exams in less than 90 days, I would say 60 is a good mark. Definitely, take advantage of the camp if you can, it really helps, and Dr. Mauldin provides additional material and select notes that will help you more in the exam.

My most important take on the courses and camp is the action plan I have in mind to apply to my organization, there is a lot of things that can be improved, and this gives you a well-organized framework to develop a plan of actions to implement."



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